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Be Bold, Be Brilliant, Be bright and Be Healthy.


The 21st Century way to keep fit

Recently some of the ladies at Ivy Cottage (Claire, Julie and Sharon) have been stepping into their fitness gear, grabbing some glow sticks and throwing themselves into the world of fitness by attending a Dancing exercise class at Airedales, The Hut.

Each has their own unique style and all with huge amounts of effort to follow the hopping lady who bounces about shouting ‘kick your legs, whoop whoop, oi, oi’.

Everyone has a lot of fun and love going every Wednesday.

Everyday First Aid Session

Provided by British Red Cross a successful morning of learning, confidence building and practicing new skills for people who use Ivy care services.

‘I have enjoyed doing all the new things I have learned’

A big thank you for everyone who joined us at the Dignity Action Day

 ‘Dignity Disco 2017’

A time to think about what dignity means to us  and to build our own dignity tree.

The Dignity Tree

I'm planting my first seed today
The seed of dignity
In time you'll see my seed will grow
And grow into a tree

A tree fulfilled with knowledge
A plant for all to see
What being a dignity champion
Really means to me

It's a leaf with an idea on
It's an idea I'd like to share
It's an inspirational idea
It's a leaf to show I care

The tree will always be there
Long after I have gone
To stand up for dignity in care
A challenge to be won

I know you will support me
And I know you'll love the tree
It's not just a tree you know
It's what dignity means to me

By Sheryl Parkman


A big thank you to everyone who came along to the ‘Madhatters tea party’ held at Ivy Cottage.  Raising a fabulous £100 for the Prince of Wales Hospice in Pontefract the event was a great success.

Everyone threw themselves into the event with gusto, designing and creating hats and getting creative with mug designs on the day.