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Providing quality support for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs, ensuring they are included in every step of their personal pathway.

Welcome to Ivy Care

If you have any queries regarding the company, please do not hesitate to contact Claire Lee on

01977 671499 or 07717 571202

Marks Story

‘I was living in a care home in Batley before I moved to Ivy Rose.  It was similar but you could only ever go out with staff support.   Ivy Rose was suggested by a social worker and when I visited the home I liked what I saw.

I was very nervous when I moved in but the staff made me feel very welcome and helped me join in with a lot of different activities.  The staff gave me a lot of reassurance.

I needed help to get a local doctor and dentist and staff helped me set up my banking locally and helped me find my way around the local area including the bus routes, trains and shops.

I have tried lots of new things at Ivy Rose.  Staff encouraged me to start playing football and I have joined a team in Sheffield where I play every Sunday and train on Fridays.   I have a couple of local jobs; this includes a paper round, helping at a local pub and some gardening work when it comes up.

Staff always involve me with my support plans and if it’s difficult they explain things so I can go through the details before I sign.                                         


My biggest achievements whilst living at Ivy Rose include winning trophies and medals in my football team, growing my own plants around the building (I’ve had several compliments on my hanging baskets), going out to work independently (including building up my confidence to even go get my own medication) and I also did a charity swimathon that was equal to a cross channel swim.

I’d like to meet a girlfriend now and pass my motor bike and car test and look forward to more holidays abroad, when I have saved up. ‘

Terry’s Story

‘I lived in a secure unit before coming to Ivy Lodge.  I was ready to move on and my nurse and social worker helped me do this.  

I did feel as though it was just going to be the same, but it wasn’t.  I have much more freedom at Ivy Lodge.

The staff helped me feel calmer when I moved in.

They helped me with managing my money, taking my medication, doing my laundry, preparing my own food.  

Basically I needed help with most everyday tasks and staff supported me with them all.

The staff supported me to book and go to the local gym regularly and this has helped build up my confidence.  I do some gardening jobs and my confidence means I do this on my own now.  I also do my shopping independently too now.

Staff have involved me with all my support plans and helped me to set my goals.

I have achieved the confidence to go out on activities or visiting my family on my own without worrying.  I self medicate now with very little support and can do most everyday tasks now with little support from staff.

My next plans are to eventually move forward and get my own place with a little bit of support.  I’d like to carry on with my gardening jobs and I plan to lose some weight by bike riding more in the summer.’


Quality Assurance

2017 Report.

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Latest Company Developments:

Ivy Dene Management Team

Pictured above:

Zoe Jessop, Interim Manager     


Ivy Care Newsletter:

Click here for a copy of Issue 10,  Jan 2018


A big thank you to everyone who

was able to come along to the

Ivy Lodge consultation days in

December 2018.

This development is an exciting opportunity for Ivy Lodge to provide additional accommodation and support for up to 12 adults with learning disabilities and complex needs.

The two consultation days provided us with an opportunity to demonstrate the achievements of those who we support and share with you the work we do.

We were also able to share our initial proposed building plans, outlining the development of 3 bungalows.  With

potential for each bungalow to provide  accommodation for up to 4 adults within a residential setting.  Aiming to offer 3 ground floor rooms and 1 first floor room.

We can now use the feedback we have been given to

ensure that we get the service right and will keep everyone informed when the development plans are finalised.

Please contact Claire Lee with any new development  

queries (details below).

As you may be aware Lyndsey Abbott, Registered Service Manager for Ivy Dene (inc Ivy Rose and Ivy House) has now started her maternity leave.

Zoe Jessop has now been appointed Interim Service Manager for Ivy Dene.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Zoe on 01977 671499.

Current Career Opportunities:

Working for Ivy Care:

Have you thought about working in a social care environment where you could make a difference to the life’s of people with learning disabilities.

If the answer is yes why not contact Kate Richardson on 01226 288277.

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West Yorkshire vacancies:

Ivy Dene, Ferrybridge - Support Workers required.

Ivy Cottage, Ackton - Night  Support Workers required

South Yorkshire vacancies

No current vacancies

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For more information or to request an application pack contact Kate Richardson on Tel: 01226 288277 or email katerichardson@ivycarehomes.co.uk

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