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Ivy Dene News

Brian’s Steps to success

My name is Brian and I moved into Ivy Dene in May 2016.  

When I moved in I used a wheel chair and a walking frame to help me get around.  

Staff  supported me to keep active and go out and about as much as possible.  

I like going to the cinema, swimming and local shopping and staff would always try to help me do this without using my chair.  

I walked around the house without my frame first of all but since

moving in I now walk around without the frame or chair.   I had a lot of help from staff to keep me going.

I go to a place called Second Chance and I have learned other skills such as baking, reading and writing.

                                       I’m feeling fitter and feel like life has begun again.


                          A huge well done to Brian for all his hard work, its great to see                             him getting around independently and fantastic to hear about his                           story and how he feels since moving to Ivy Dene.

Ivy Dene achieve a ‘Good’ in all 5 categories

We were inspected by CQC over two visits in February 2016

under the new inspection criteria.

This criteria looks at 5 key questions which are:


The staff at Ivy Dene have been working really hard since the introduction of the new inspection criteria to ensure they are meeting the standards and deliver high quality support for those who use the service at Ivy Dene.

Thanks to the hard work I am delighted to say we have achieved a ‘good’ rating in all 5 categories and a ‘good’ overall rating.

Myself and the staff at Ivy Dene will strive to maintain this and also improve the quality of

service provision and standards of care provided to the people who live here.

Thanks again to all the staff for their continued support and commitment to the service users at Ivy Dene.

Lyndsey Guiver, Deputy Manager,

Ivy Dene