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Ivy Mead News

Food Safety Courses at Ivy Mead.

A big thank you to Ivy Meads’ in house trainers Michaela Gallamore and Kath Tingey for carrying out a User friendly Food Safety Course.

‘I learned loads of things, how to wash my hands properly and did some cooking too.’

‘I liked learning where to put food in the fridge and making pizza’

‘I enjoyed doing this with other people’

Getting Active:

An opportunity to get active and for John to show off some of his hoop skills at local basketball court.

Well done Ivy Mead

Ivy Mead have been inspected by CQC on the

27th July 2016 and have recently received the

outcome of this visit.

The overall rating for Ivy Mead is Good and the

5 key question results were as follows:

Is the service safe?    Good

Is the service effective?   Good

Is the service caring?   Good

Is the service responsive?  Good

Is the service well led?   Good

‘I think the report captured the fantastic job that the staff do in supporting the service users at  Ivy Mead and I have picked out some comments from the report below to demonstrate this.

 “People and their relatives we spoke with described the service as very good, For example, one relative told us, “I think they are great here, you couldn't do better than this place.  I am confident my (relative) is safe, well cared for and happy.  They (person) have been in multiple other services before this one and they had all broken down.”

Staff supported people to access the community in a safe and reassuring way, advising and supporting people to make

decisions whilst acknowledging sometimes people may make

unwise decisions.

Everyone we spoke with was complimentary about the care they received.  We found staff spoke to people with warmth and

respect and day to day procedures within the home took account of peoples privacy and dignity.”

Thanks again to all the team, I hope you are able to take time to read a copy of the full report, which is now available at Ivy Mead and on the CQC website.

John Dossey, Service Manager

Ivy Mead

‘We’re really proud of what the team have achieved’

John Dossey, Service Manager  and Zoe Jessop, Deputy Manager.

 Finding my Talent

‘I have lived at Ivy Mead for 2 years and staff have spent time helping me build my confidence to go out and about.  This has included small in house events,

meetings and days trips (which I really enjoy).

Once I gained some confidence staff asked me about college.  I haven't done anything like this or any further education for over 17 years so this was a big thing to think about.

So after some thinking staff helped me find an art class.  I really enjoy arts and crafts and got ready for the first session.  A funny thing happened though, we got the wrong times and I ended up going to a budgeting and maths class.  The tutor invited me to stay though and it turns out I have a real talent for maths.  So I now go to college twice a week and I’m really enjoying myself.

Feeling even more confident now.’

Caroline Edgar