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Personalised Support

Ivy Care use a person centred approach for all individuals in order to achieve our Mission Statement.  All staff are trained in ‘person centred approaches so they are able to develop appropriate support plans for each individual based on the relevant Person centred model.  Eg: Essential Lifestyle Plan, PATH, MAP.

Our person centred philosophy of support allows us to identify an individual’s dreams and goals and plan a pathway forward towards developing skills appropriate to the individuals assessed needs.  

In line with our Company Aims and Objectives for service users we feel community involvement is essential to adapting a non-institutional model of residential care but above all to developing a sense of purpose and community presence for each individual.  Establishing links for all our service users helps to build on relationships, self esteem and assists when moving forward and developing successful transition plans.

All service users are allocated a team of support workers who will spend time getting to know the person and finding out what is important for them.  Support plans will be developed including how support plans will be agreed and setting achievable goals within them.  As part of every individuals support plan we will aim at maximising independence and community presence relevant to the individual.  This will include activities within the home to develop independent skills eg: cooking, cleaning and general household tasks and will also include a range of activities outside of the home including:

College Placements, Shopping, swimming, cycling, (a number of sporting / leisure activities), socialising with groups to access community links, employment opportunities and any other hobby based activities.

This list is not exhaustive and depends on the emotional, physical, spiritual and cultural needs of the individual.