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Ivy Rose News

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A big well done to Mark for raising money for the Prince of Wales Hospice.

Mark says he was initially informed about the event by a member of staff who knows about his interest in cycling.  Mark agreed to do this but was concerned about the distance and that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the others taking part.

Mark really didn’t need to worry as he took the distance in his stride …. 30 miles.

Mark said he enjoyed the easy pace set by the Manager, Tracy Robinson and Stuart Stokes and Linda Mclauchlan who also took part in the event.

‘If it had have been any faster then I probably would have slowed down, there was a family with young kids who finished earlier than us, I can’t believe it’.

Mark had a fun day and has a great sense of achievement from doing this, it was a lovely route and Mark got to see some local roads and countryside.  Better than routes he has completed on previous charity events.

When asked - ‘has this made you want to ride your bike more often. Mark replied:

‘I don’t know, it was a really fun day but it did make me feel really tired and I spent the evening flaked out on my bed.  But the day after I felt freshened up and fine’.

Kevin, Mark and Jason climb to the top of Peny ghent, ‘a real mountain’ and a huge achievement.

‘We all went on the train to Leeds then to Settle.

It was a strenuous walk, I kept stopping and then starting.

It was scary at the end when we were going up the rocks but we did it, we helped each other.

What an achievement.’

‘When we got there it was like being on top of the world.’

Mark’s Baskets and Blooms.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Mark for all his hard work maintaining the baskets and flowers pots at the entrance to Ivy Rose and Ivy Dene.

Mark has been busy tidying and maintaining the front of the building,  This is something he does independently and gets great feedback.

Thanks again Mark.

‘I enjoy doing the plants and gardening and I get people telling me

 how good the flowers look.’