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What our Service Users are Looking For in Potential Staff


Service User Job Description


This job description has been developed in consultation with people who are supported by Ivy Care.

The individuals who use our service have stated what is important to them and these have been put in to three categories.

As part of the recruitment process, individuals who use the services of Ivy Care will interview candidates and will ask questions based on the three categories detailed below.


“What I am looking for”


What support staff need to know:


 To listen to what we are saying.

 What is important to us.

 What makes us happy and sad, things we like and things we don’t.

 How to keep us safe in our homes and in the community.

 Understanding learning disabilities.

 How to support us manage our finances.

 How to cook.

 How to help me with my medicines



What support staff need to be able to do:



 Drive our cars or take us on a bus.

 Support us to maintain contact with our friends and family members.

 Support us to make meals and bake.

 Support us on our activities – activities we have chosen to do.

 Take us on our holidays.

 Help us read letters and support us at meetings we may attend.




What kind of person they need to be:


 Happy – people who smile, laugh and joke.

 Respectful – talk to me nicely – not abruptly and not to shout.

 Patient – support me with tasks that I find difficult or need time to do.

 Polite – say hello to us and speak to us in our home.

 Have a good appearance, clean and smell nice.

 Remember that we might not understand sarcasm and might have a different sense of   humour.

 Help us to make decisions about what we want

 Someone we can rely on – doesn’t pretend to listen.